Tender reviews

Constructive feedback on past or current tender submissions to improve your win rate.


We helped clients win $1.8B in new contracts in 2022

Every submission is a 'must-win' tender

We often hear our clients say, 'this is a must-win tender'. But aren't they all?!

One of the most effective ways you can win more new business is to have a thorough and independent review of your proposal – before it is submitted.

Our independent tender review service provides objective feedback to identify any gaps, suggest improvements and guide you on best practice standards.

We have a team of bid and procurement specialists available to review your tender against a set criteria required for a winning bid.

You will receive a written report with constructive feedback to ensure your bid is of the highest quality, while upskilling your team and elevating your responses.


Meet our team

Our tender reviewers know what 'good' looks like when it comes to a winning submission. 

We work as part of successful tender teams for government and private submissions across a wide range of industries. We also have experience delivering successful projects won through the tender process and working with procurement teams to help them produce more effective purchasing outcomes.

This includes public transport, defence, infrastructure, construction, professional services, not-for-profit, cleaning and security clients, including  Kimberly Clarke, PPG, Ocado, Downer EDI, CPB Contractors and Transdev Australasia.

Recent projects we have been involved in include: Warringah Freeway,  Inland Rail, Parramatta and Sydney light rail projects, New Employment Services Model  RFP, and the Perth, Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan bus projects.

Importantly, we come across hundreds of tenders each year in training our customers, working with them to upskill and achieve better bidding outcomes. 

Kate Burrows

20 years' experience in tendering, procurement and communications across infrastructure, construction, not-for-profit, public transport, finance, professional services and defence.

Meg Evans

15 years' experience in tenders and bidding, and communications across transport, infrastructure, healthcare, design and construction and financial services.

Constance O'Mara

More than 25 years’ experience in the education sector and tendering across the not-for-profit, construction, infrastructure, professional services and public transport sectors.

Why do you need a review of your tender?


There are many elements that are required for a winning tender response.

Failure to address even one of these can result in a poor quality response and reduce your chances of scoring top marks – and ultimately, winning the bid.

We know, as bidding professionals, how easy this is to do when the countdown is on during a live tender, or how hard it is to objectively review your past responses and performance.

We will review your tender against the following key elements:

Strategy and positioning
Direct and complete answers
Compliance with the requirements
Client benefits and value for money
Clear and compelling language

How a tender review can benefit your team

Reduce stress with external reviewers
Improved outcomes with constructive feedback
Embed best practice approaches
Unlock ideas and value-adds
Enhance your team's capabilities